Introducing Our New Loyalty Program

Introducing Our New Loyalty Program

Christmas is approaching and the leaders at ARIIX have a special treat for you!  A new holiday opportunity to save even more on ‘Loyalty Products’.  All ARIIX Loyalty payments now come with 2x more savings with an additional 15% off for IIX members and 7.5% for non-IIX members.  This means all IIX members will receive an amazing 30% off their whole sale prices.

Loyalty products can now be added to your next Auto Delivery order by just a few clicks to save on delivery.  ARIIX offers this brand new Loyalty program to Preferred Customers & Representatives as a big thank you for your business.   This gives everyone the chance to check out 2 additional products every 4 weeks at an extra discount while you main an ACTIVE Auto-Delivery status.

Your Loyalty Coupons will automatically appear in the top right corner of your order screen in the shopping cart the day after each qualifying order and last the following 27 days.  This will be repeat every four weeks!

We are so glad you have chosen ARIIX to make optimal nutrition and wellness a part of your life.

The ARIIX team wishes you, your family & friends a happy holidays and look forward to the new year!

ARIIX Loyalty Program