New Enrollment Packs UK

New Enrollment packs Available in UK

We are proud to introduce the new entry packages available for the Pre-Launch in the United Kingdom!  You will find that we still have the same enrollment levels, which you may already be familiar.. Members, Business & Elite Packs.

What’s new?

The Member Package , our basic subscription option contains an assortment of products which are very popular in many of the ARIIX markets, together with the valuable ‘IIX Membership’ which you doubles your bonuses and product discounts.

The Business Package will now include products from each brand – Nutrifii, Slenderiiz, Puritii and Reviive.  Additionally you start your business with an extra line to build, which will be invaluable to you. We have the best for last saved, and one which we are very proud of..

The Elite Package
If you are someone who wants all of the different products and benefits, but also want to be an ARIIX Representative, then this package is for you!
The Elite Package is made ​​for anyone wanting to start their business with all the available products and tools.
In addition to the great products that you will receive this package comes with great benefits to build your business.  You know how important your lines are in the Activ8 Compensation Plan.

With the Elite Package you will get not two, not three, but four lines!  This means you can build your business with 3 Pay Lines from day one!  This makes for a huge increase in Base Commissions you earn from your sales to customers and personal purchases.  You also have the option to use a free back office upgrade for 24 months. This gives you the ability to use tools such as Down Line Management (DLM) or additional resources to communicate with your customers and your team.

The Elite Package has 2 Event Passes.  These are coupons that you can order tickets for ARIIX Corporate events.  If you have never attended a ARIIX event, speak with someone who has done just that.  They will tell you that it is a great experience where you will meet who people who share the same enthusiasm for building their own business.  Enormous representatives, You will also learn here from the experts behind the great products we offer.  With these new packages, there is an option for everyone you work with.  You will love these new packages!

ARIIX Elite Business Package

Elite Enrollment Pack